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The heart of the production cycle

Welcome on the website of Hitam our ambition is to offer you various solutions in the respect of the environment with an ability to react with professionalism necessary to your success:

  • Experience:
    HITAM has 25 years of experience in the formulation of chemicals
  • Innovation:
    HITAM operates its own patents on innovative products
  • Ecology as a growth driver:
    HITAM helps to transform the environmental difficulties into opportunities for growth
  • Service custom:
    The laboratory Hitam designs, manufactures and products package corresponding to each specific application

Our expertise

Absorbents Biology Building
Carpentry Descaling Detergents
Disinfectants Fountains Fresheners
Hand Hygiene Harmful Lubricants
Paintings Phytosanitary Printing
Security Solvents Strippers
Surface protection Surface Restorer Vehicle Maintenance