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Our Innovations

Green products

The increase of oil products prices is alarming and directly concerns your sales of cleaning and degreasing solvents, in addition, they have an impact on the environment and the safety of people on their use. To compensate these constraints, we have developed for you a range of bio oils, modified castor oil and Jojoba oil with their internationally recognized properties, selected for their exceptional properties and in a sustainable development approach

Eco-friendly products

Traditional chemistry is difficult to replace by plant or biological alternatives. So should we leave things in this way? No! This is why we developed, in our research lab, new technologies allowing an environmental approach while using traditional chemistry products You can find a way to compensate for this ecological deficit through this range of product.The first idea is always oriented toward the gesture control, namely the use of the correct quantity of product. For this we have especially developed products with technology IVD (indicator Visual of determination), IVT (Visual indicator for tracing), IVN (Visual indicator of neutralization). You will find also in this range, specific products to replace some prohibited raw materials

Our expertise

Absorbents Biology Building
Carpentry Descaling Detergents
Disinfectants Fountains Fresheners
Hand Hygiene Harmful Lubricants
Paintings Phytosanitary Printing
Security Solvents Strippers
Surface protection Surface Restorer Vehicle Maintenance