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HITAM France has an industrial laboratory oriented toward innovation whose main task is to offer a comprehensive service in the field formulation.

  • Expertise: We are tuned in to your needs. We estimate your applications and guide you in your research. We favor communication with you.

  • Adaptation of your own formulas: We adapt your needs by taking into account your constraints (price, labeling etc) and your requirements (concentration, efficiency, viscosity, aspect etc).

  • Improvement of formula: aware about the hardness of the market, we are constantly improving our products.

  • Rules watch: daily vigilance concerning the conformity of our products.

  • Quality: the laboratory is in charge of the control of our manufacturing


Our expertise

Absorbents Biology Building
Carpentry Descaling Detergents
Disinfectants Fountains Fresheners
Hand Hygiene Harmful Lubricants
Paintings Phytosanitary Printing
Security Solvents Strippers
Surface protection Surface Restorer Vehicle Maintenance